Consulting Services

We specialize in working with small businesses to analyze current needs, recommend proven solutions, and assist in the implementation of those solutions. Our intent is to fully understand the needs of an organization and then apply the most approbate solution to get the job done. We believe implementing too much technology, or solutions in the wrong area, can be just as bad as doing nothing.

Our approach is to spend time up front fully understanding the objectives of an organization, not just the current problem. This allows us to make recommendations which go to the core issues of an organizations needs rather than addressing a symptom. Our experience has shown that more often than not, the true issue is not being addressed. We would much rather help an company improve overall efficiency rather than throwing technology at problems.

 Consulting Solutions

Over the last 20 years, we have provided a wide variety of solutions for customers in many different industries. In most cases, the problems which technology can best solve, tends to be very similar in nature. The exact solutions and combinations of technologies will vary, based on unique customer needs, but the base issues center around common needs.

  • Networking Solutions
  • Business Accounting Systems
  • Inventory / Manufacturing
  • Remote Document Management
  • Web site Solutions
  • Customer on-line ordering
  • Customer Communications / Registration
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